Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Daily Dose of Nancy Drew and Humble Origin Bundle

So as you've probably noticed, I haven't been getting by daily dose of Nancy Drew video games. Luckly, I have an excuse. My sound card is dead. I'm starting to think that fate doesn't want me to do Nancy Drew video playthroughs because, to be quite frank, I never had computer issues until I started doing Nancy Drew playthroughs. That's not going to stop me though. I am in the middle of editing a Nancy Drew playthough video at the moment, or course it's not exciting that much because it's just a demo. I could edit it on another computer but I'm afraid some kind of setting might change on the video editor that will then change the video up a little bit without me knowing it. And just in case you were wondering, yes, it requires sound for me to edit the video that I want to edit. I would also like to announce a lovely little deal I found while I was looking around on It's a bundle of 6 games (Action/Adventure type deal) that you can buy for a total of (your price here.) That's right you get to choose your price! It can't be anything under a dollar, which is what I paid, and you split up the money that you paid for the game for different charities and the Humble tip (If you want to include a Humble tip.)These games are only the downloadable copies, not the physical copies. You have the choice of either downloading the games for Origin, or, for Steam. One game can only be downloaded for Origin though. If you pay at least $4.71 for the bundle then you also get the codes for Battlefield 3 and The Sims 3 Starter Pack. (Those two games can only be downloaded through Origin.) Now, some of these games aren't the type of games that I would do playthroughs for, as they are too violent or just not something that I would do for my YouTube channel. For more information on the Humble Origin Bundle, just click this.

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