Monday, May 6, 2013

Tale of Woe

So I use this screen recorder called Action!, and I absolutely love it! However, I found out the hard way this morning that this is a flaw to it. I was finishing off the Nancy Drew demos because, well, it's about time I finish them. All I needed to do was record the Shadow at the Water's Edge demo. So, I started to record. Well, somewhere along the way I messed up so I stopped recording and went to the Action! dashboard where I was going to delete that one clip. I right clicked that one clip, and here's that one flaw, well, the menu thing showed up. At the top it said delete selected file, and directly below it was an option of deleting ALL files. I was in a hurry and clicked what I thought was the first choice, delete selected file. Wrong. I actually clicked the second option, delete all files, but I didn't even realize it. A box showed up that asked if I really wanted to delete all the videos, but that same box always shows up when I want to delete one video, so I didn't read it. Nope, I just automatically pushed yes, and that's when everything disappeared. At first I just thought "darn it", but I wasn't too unhappy because I just thought that I could go into the recycle bin and restore the clips. Well, here's the other flaw of this program. When you delete something from it, it saves you the trouble and effort of going into the recycle bin and clicking delete all by yourself by permanently deleting it for you. That's when I started to panic. I quickly emailed to company - and still waiting for a reply, then I went onto the internet to look at programs that would restore "permanently" deleted files. I found a pretty good one, but to no avail. It found all these other files that have been deleted from the recycle bin except for the files I needed... the videos! Now I'm pretty depressed because I spent some time trying to record all 6 of those demos and now they're gone. You might be thinking that they're just demos, and they'll be easy to complete, but even though that may be true, I wanted all of those demos to be as perfect as I could have possibly made them. Now I have to re-record them, and I won't do that until I get a reply back from the company that developed Action! Also, I just want a break from the Phantom of Venice demo with all puzzles and whatnot.

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