Monday, April 1, 2013

Ramblings About Doctor Who

It's story time! This time it's time for My Doctor Who Problems. I was at a friends house and I couldn't leave. (The situation is complicated and too hard to explain.) Anyway, it was a Saturday night (March 30th, 2013 to be exact) and all fellow Whovians know what that means. It means that it was the premier of the second part of the seventh season of Doctor Who. And yes, I typed DOCTOR Who, not DR. Who. People who abbreviate the Doctor in Doctor Who give me a rash. I mean, it's not supposed to be abbreviated! And one more thing, he's not called Doctor Who, he's called THE DOCTOR! Back to the story. My friends have Cox so I was spending most of my day watching the Doctor Who marathon at their house. Well, my friends had to leave to go to a wedding so I was transported to another friend's house less than 6 minutes away. They just so happened to have Cox too. When I stepped into my friend's house I immediately ran down to the den to continue where I left off in my Doctor Who marathon. Here's the thing. I was so excited to watch it, but was horribly disappointed when I found out that they didn't get BBC America! I honestly thought that they would get that channel considering they had the same cable provider as my other friends, lived in the same city and state, and also lived less than 6 minutes away! I mean you could walk there! Anyhow, I was stuck in that house for the rest of the day, and I couldn't even watch the new episode of Doctor Who. My whole evening was ruined. I was able to watch Wichita State go up against Ohio State, but all I could think about was the time. Before seven o' clock I couldn't even keep my eyes on the television, only the clock. And while staring at the clock all I could think about was "I'm going to miss my Doctor Who episode" and "I hope they hurry the wedding up so I can get back to my other friend's house." Selfish, I know, but I really didn't care, I just really wanted to watch my Doctor Who! Here's the sad part of the story, and when I say sad, I mean you'll probably feel bad for me, as in, I need help. When seven o' clock hit I started to softly weep, knowing that I wouldn't be able to watch the new episode of Doctor Who that night. Tears were running down my face, and I kept telling myself "stop it, I can't get everything that I want" but it didn't help. The upside is that I never did full out cry thanks to my unemotional-less-ness! (Or emotional-less-ness, whatever means that I'm not emotional.) The End.

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