Sunday, March 25, 2012

Video Walkthrough Plans

I'm without a doubt finally uploading Part 3 of Secret of the Scarlet Hand. Maybe Part 4, but I haven't started editing that yet. I finally got around to editing Part 3 today, but at the last minute, right when I finished editing, I had to leave to go somewhere. After 4:00pm tomorrow (Chicago timezone) I'll review the video, make last minute changes, publish it to my computer, then I'll post it on YouTube. Also I decided on working on some notes for redoing Message in a Haunted Mansion, so it's not as slow at the ending, when I do the puzzle. Also, this time the puzzle won't get cut off. I'm also redoing Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, because of something that got cut off in part 3. I still don't know how I'm going to do it. My plan on Message in a Haunted Mansion, was just to get the saved videos I keep on a disk, put it in movie maker, cut out the part that was messed up, replace that with the newly recorded part. and repost it on YouTube. So everything would be the same, except I would solve the Firebird puzzle faster, and you would be able to see the whole thing being solved. I might want to do something like that with Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, where I just redo the messed up part, but the thing is, when I did that video, I was a rookie, not as good with the video recording process thing, so the quality isn't as good. I don't know, should I just do that, or redo the whole thing? I want your thoughts, so please tell me!

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