Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Official Video Walkthrough Plans and a Little TMB Update

So I've made it official on what I'm doing. I was looking through some of my videos last night and this is what I've decided. After I finish Secret of the Scarlet Hand, I'm going to fix Message in a Haunted Mansion because the Firebird puzzle got cut off. Then I'm redoing Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, Senior Mode this time of course. After that I think I'll redo The Haunted Carousel, because it should be senior mode, but instead it's junior mode, otherwise I wouldn't redo it. When I'm done with that I'm going to redo the Danger by Design demo, because of an important part of winning that demo. Yes, I realize that more people care about the whole game than the demo, but since I've already decided... Anyway once I upload the redo's I'll delete the original ones so I won't have multiples of the same walkthrough. For the demo, I'm just redoing that one, but I'm deleting the other demos so when I upload the Danger by Design demo, all the other demos will follow. It seems a little ridiculous, but I'm a picky person. I should be done in time to start the walkthrough for Tomb of the Lost Queen by then. I'll be preordering it, so I should get it a few days earlier before it's released to stores. If there's a gap between when I'm done with all this stuff that I've listed, and when I get Tomb of the Lost Queen, and it's a big enough gap, then I'll do the original Secrets Can Kill. If not, I'll just do it after I'm done with the walkthrough for Tomb of the Lost Queen, then the rest of the Nancy Drew games. I think this is a really good plan, but I really want your opinions. So, leave a comment below, or message me through YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr. The links for my Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr are on my YouTube page. Her Interactive just released a background picture for Tomb of the Lost Queen. It's not incredibly exciting, but at least it's something. One more thing, be watching out for a trailer for Tomb of the Lost Queen! By the way Her Interactive worded it, it sounds like the trailer will be released in not too long.

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