Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion Game Review

I'm a person who's fasinated with the supernatural things. Not like bigfoot, and even if it was that, no I don't think that bigfoot exists. Anyway, I'm talking about ghosts. There are a few Nancy Drew video games that involve ghosts in a way, but this one was different. In newer Nancy Drew ghost games, the ghost or supernatural creature would usually jump out at you during an unexpected time, or maybe it was expected for some people, but like Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge, that one was creepy in some parts, and things would jump out at you. In Message in a Haunted Mansion nothing would jump out at you, but it was kind of creepy with the whispers that you would always hear, and the unexpected shadows walking down the halls. I know when I saw that one shadow that walked in front of the door downstairs made me jump a little. That stuff is creepy. I think this is a great game for ANYBODY, even the people who don't like Nancy Drew, I won't say the same for people who like point-and-click games though. This is a very old game and is probably the next on the discontinued list if not already, but I doubt it's discontinued already because I saw it at Target. Anyways Secrets Can Kill and Stay Tuned for Danger are already discontinued, and I actually got those games very recently, (You can see in one of my other posts. It has all the pictures.)but that was only because I won the only auction for the only brand-new unopened Nancy Drew 1st and 2nd original games that they were. I got Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion last year from Amazon, and just so you know you can't get the 1st and 2nd Nancy Drew games from Amazon, because before I won that auction on eBay for those games, we went to Amazon, sent in an order for the first Nancy Drew game, and the order was cancled because they apparentley didn't have it in stock. Why would they have it up on their website if they don't even carry it anymore. Well, enough of me rambling on and on about this stuff, basically, just buy the game!

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