Monday, February 20, 2012

Nancy Drew: The Final Scene Game Review

I thought Nancy Drew: The Final Scene was a good, well-thought game. Some aspects of the game I disliked, but this is probably just me. Now I know that this is an older Nancy Drew game, so the technology isn't as advanced as the Nancy Drew games today but, I don't think technology had anything to do with it. First, I'm a person that likes somewhat bright colors, like Alibi in Ashes. the color used in that game was pretty good, but the color that they used in The Final Scene was too dull. It was dark, like the grocery store Checkers. Sorry if you like Checkers, but I don't enjoy Checkers because the floors are grey, dark, and the walls are painted, but a dark color. The lighting makes the difference too. The lighting is dark, but that may just be the Checkers store nearby me. While we're on this store topic, let's talk about Target vs. Walmart. My favorite store ever since I was a little kid was Target, but just because I liked Target didn't mean that I didn't like Walmart. No, I don't like Walmart for other reasons, and I don't know those reasons, but I can assure you it's not because I love Target. Any way I'm obviously off topic so let's get back on topic. The topic of the title of this post. So anyway you heard what I said about the use of colors, but other than that I think it was a pretty okay game. The plot of the game made sense along with the setting. The characters were nice, nice meaning I liked the characters, not nice like that characteristics of the characters, because Simone was obviously not nice, and Brady was a little self-centured when we first met him. I would probably recommend this Nancy Drew game to someone, but keep in mind I'm probably going to say that in every Nancy Drew game review I do just because I'm such a Nancy Drew fanatic!

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