Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Alibi in Ashes Characters

Okay more information on Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes has been released! I think in one of my posts I mention how Bess and George's looks haven't been changed, well it looks like I was wrong. Infomation on the Nancy Drew characters have been released, and they changed Bess and George's looks. My opinion on their new looks is that they should have never changed George's look, but that's there decision so... However I do like Bess's new look, I think it's a good look for her! So here's the character's name and picture:

Brenda Carlton
She's a crime reporter for the Heights Nine News Team.

Deirdre Shannon
An old classmate of Nancy's, and a spoiled rich girl.

Alexei Markovic
He's River Heights' eccentric quasi-recluse and owns a antique shop

Toni Scallari
She's an elected official on the River Heights City Council, and runs a local ice cream parlor.

Ned Nickerson
Ned arranged for the team to participate in the River Heights Clues Challenge, and he's Nancy's boyfriend who's always tries to help her. For people that don't think he will physically appear in the game, go to the website and look at his description!

Bess Marvin
Bess is one of Nancy's best friends and can be a little too excited, but when she finds out that Nancy is in jail, she drops everything to help her.

George Fayne
George is Nancy's other best friend, and is more sensitive than her cousin Bess. She had brain for high-tech gadgery.

Chief McGinnis
Head of the River Heights Police Department, he has a long history with Nancy's detective skills, and sounds like he's trying to help her.

These pictures are from the Her Interactive company, and I'm not the greatest summerizer, so the short description is in a way from Her Interactive too, but at the same time, I also added some of my own stuff.

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