Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel Game Review

I think this game had a lot of color and was more bright than most Nancy Drew games. But, I guess if it takes place at an amusement park it needs to be bright and colorful. The plot was ok, but I liked the characters such as Harlan Bishop, and Elliott Chen. Joy Trent was an ok character. In the beginning Joy didn't seem, well, joyful. She seemed kind of (as Harlan Bishop said) joy-less and was talking about how her boss was probably the one who was doing all of the things to get more customers, and how she probably didn't know that the park would get shut down if she did those stunts. Elliott Chen was a pretty cool charcter, and when you talk to him about a subject like, carousels, he seemed pretty filled with knowledge of carousels. Harlan Bishop had that awesome heavy New Jersy accent. He seemed to have an interesting history.

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