Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Game Review

I think Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake was an OK game. They could have added a little more mystery. I mean, nothing popped out at you, which is ok, but there was no suspense. For me, there was no time in the video game in where I was thinking "What's going to happen next". Maybe they did that intentionally (Is that how you spell that? I don't think so. Well, anyway hopefully you know what word I'm trying to spell out.) There was one part in that game in which some people probably started to scream or freak out. The ghost dogs part. That part probably scared a few people, not all, but some. The part where the ghost dogs just jump on the window and start barking, I liked that part, but I bet some people would disagree, but at the same time, some people would agree with me.

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