Monday, October 14, 2013

Game Plays

A few days ago I posted a post that talked about how I'll play some kind of non-related Nancy Drew game and do a game play of it to keep my YouTube channel busy while I work on the Nancy Drew games. That backfired. I was going to do something like New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and it was supposed to work, but it didn't. And believe me, you don't know how bad I feel because it feels like every time that I'm posting something, it's always about how I said I would do this, but I end up not doing it mostly because of technical difficulties. With that being said, there are no technical difficulties with the Nancy Drew games, so that's an upside. I do feel like the boy that cried wolf in a sense because, I keep saying one thing, but I don't do it, so it's not really true. Now I know that you're probably thinking, "How does that relate to the boy that cried wolf? Because that doesn't make sense." Well, in my mind it does! So... yeah, I thought that I would just inform you that I do in case feel bad about not getting the things that I said I would get done, done! I wanted to make sure that you guys didn't think that I was just lying around and doing nothing productive, when in fact, I have. With that being said,  I've recently been enjoying a game called Medal of Honor, but I've mostly played muktiplayer on it. Well... yeah, some of my life in 41 seconds,  hope you enjoyed.

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