Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to Install Older Nancy Drew Games to Windows Vista/7

I got questions about how to install older Nancy Drew to newer operating systems, so here's the answer. To Install older Nancy Drew games, like the original Secrets Can Kill for example, make a folder for the game. This folder can be named whatever you want. I would personally name it Secrets Can Kill, just because that would be the game that I’m installing. Now, this should work for all other old Nancy Drew games. Anyways, you can also put this folder on your desktop, or wherever. Now you can start the actual installation of the game. As you’re in the Nancy Drew setup, just keep installing it as you usually would, but stop when you get into the part of the setup that tells you the folder it will be installing it into. In my case, since I’m installing Secrets Can Kill, it will probably tell me that it will be installing in to a folder named: C:\Nancy Drew\Secrets Can Kill. You’ve probably seen this folder for all games that start with the C:\. If want this game to work on you’re newer operating system (Windows Vista/7) then you DO NOT want your game to install in the default C:\ folder. Instead install it in the new folder that you created. Once you’ve told the program to install it in that folder, then just install it like normal and once it’s done try playing the game and it should work!

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