Monday, March 19, 2012

Re: Nancy Drew Sneak Peaks!!!

These pictures from my other post have actually been released to the public by the Her Interactive company themselves. Don't worry guys, I wouldn't post stuff that could possibly be fake. The thing is when you go to the Her Interactive website, they don't have it on the home page (I don't know why) they do have it on their Her Interactive blog, but it's not the amateur sleuth blog, it's the Dare to Play Blog. Sorry that I didn't back it up with the facts in the first place, I know now that with the new stuff that Her Interactive doesn't make incredibly public that I should probably back up. Also this is a blog that has the real Nancy Drew information from Her Interactive, it's not just a blog that takes information from other sites that could be fake.


Supercooldudeversion108 said...

I've read megacarolynk's posts on her blog and saw your comments. It's no surprise that you're pretty mean because your name says all, but I would like to say a few things. First you said she had a stupid name, well I think that megacarolynk sounds like a city or video game, but looks who's talking! If I mash up your name letsgetugly, then I get something like this: LET-ET-GLY, sounds like some form of constipation if you ask me. And second, you say mean things but I highly doubt that she cares, she obviously hasn't done anything about what you've said. Also with the spoiler alert thing, not all people want to know the next title until after they finish the game, I'm one of those people. And finally, those new interfaces for the upcoming nancy drew games are real, checked it myself in this blog responding to the other one.

MJ said...

hey look! i just found this, a new update on TMB!