Saturday, October 1, 2011

Another Message in a Haunted Mansion Update

Sorry, everybody but I have some technical difficulties on Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion. I started today, but reviewing the videos, I realized that a tiny bit of the picture was cut off! And I'm a perfectionist, which isn't always a good thing so... tomorrow I'm going to try again. The first time I started recording it turned out perfect! But then that's when I realized that the picture was chopped off. So I got the recorder set up a different way so it captures the WHOLE picture so nothing's cut off, even if it isn't much that was cut off in the first place... Anyway, after I got it perfect I started recording it again, but then being a perfectionist, and playing an old Nancy Drew game, the very beginning will flash up to the main menu, then it'll stop. Sadley as I've said before, I'm a perfectionist so I won't allow any minor glitches, or flashes in my video walkthroughs, sorry! I'm also kind of frustrated that the beginning and the gameplay was perfect the first time of recording, except for the cut-off picture part, but then when I fix that the game decides to start flashing in the beginning! It's like it doesn't want me to do a video walkthrough of this game or something! So now you guys know why its been a while since I've uploaded any of my videos. I'll try again tomorrow, but I have plans, but hopefully I'll make it work.

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